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Wednesday, November 6, 2013


How it was in 1995?

Zero Divide is back. Leaner and meaner than before. Fans of the original canrejoice once again. A Play Station owner's dream. It's a one-on-one combat game based in a stunningly futuristic environment. Metal clashes on metal as anarray of light sourced texture mapped 3-D robotic warriors meet in dynamic combat sporting their own customised combos, moves and weapons.

The game offers fabulous 3D effects like dramatic 'ring-outs' where opponentsare punched, kicked or blown out of the fighting area. You also have the ability to hang on to the edge of the ring and get back into the fight if your quick enough or you will fall to your doom.

Moves and the overall game interface is very similar to Namco’s now legendary hit, Tekken 2. Simple combos can be pulled off with well timed punches and kicks. In fact it’s so easy even beginners can perform a three hit combo.Seasoned gamers will be pulling off 6 to 8 hit combos in no time.

Another interesting feature, similar Tekken 2 is the ability to pause the game and run through a list of commands that your ‘bot is capable of doing. Great for people who can’t remember moves too well.

There’s also a Training Mode where you can hone your fighting skills beforetaking on the game proper. You can even control your opponent’s function as your sparring partner. In other words, you can literally set you opponent to stand still while you practice raining blows on him. Alternatively, you can set your opponent in either a defensive or aggressive mode where they have the ability to defend or retaliate making your training more realistic.

Single Player or Two Player Versus modes can be selected. There’s also anoption to watch a short cinema to get the background story of the game. Narration’s in English with Japanese subtitles.

A Time Attack mode if offered as well where you try to beat as many opponents as possible before the allotted time runs out. With 18 stages to choose fromand a myriad of characters to play with (10 Main Characters excluding hiddencharacters) makes Zero Divide 2 a formidable fight game to contend with.

Simple button configuration like punch, kick and specials makes this one ofthe easier games to get into. On easy mode, even the worst gamer has hope to complete the game. On the harder settings, finishing the game can be anarduous affair. Great challenge.

A nice touch to this game is the fact that you can customised the button layouts for your control pad as well as to assign special moves to the Shift buttons on the pad. making it easier to pull of multiple combos and specialmoves. I loved the way when hits connect - debris from the ‘bot flies.

Super smooth scaling and rotation makes this game great to look at. Believeme, even though it’s just eye candy, it makes for the overall enjoyment the game.

If you can’t get enough of Tekken 2 or you’re impatiently waiting for Tekken 3 to be released for the PlayStation, get this title. It’s a good substitute.There are lots of fighting games out there and Zero Divide 2 stands out as oneof the better. However, consider it carefully as Marvel Super Heroes and StreetFighter EX Plus Alpha will be due out soon.

SOCRE: 8.5
Rated 4.2/5 based on 22 reviews

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