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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The history of Castlevania: Castlevania: Dracula X

Castlevania: Dracula X

Akumajo Dracula XX in Japan
Castlevania: Vampire's Kiss in Europe and the UK
Released: 1995
Systems: Super Nintendo (SNES)

The Basics
OK, maybe "Dracula X sucks" rings too strong. When you've tried so very hard to win a game, when you've broken 18 controllers and run through five Super Nintendos, it tends to color your perspective. But, for you, I will try restraint.

In this... game, it is several hundred years since Simon kicked Drac's butt and a few depraved individuals have decided to bring Drac back to life to reacquaint the Transylvanian countryside with evil. Well, when Drac woke up, he felt a sharp pain in his backside. Simon's boot! It really isn't worth recounting all the gore. The point is Drac remembered he didn't like the Belmonts.

Since Simon's long gone, though, so Drac must be content with revenge against the current Belmont, Richter - Simon's great-grandson. So, he kidnapped Richter's girlfriend, Annet, and her sister, Maria. Richter, of course, hears of this, gets upset, and sets off to find them.

You start in Burning Town, whacking skeletons, medusa heads, and, in the end, the two dog-headed Keruberosu. At the gate and entrance to Evil Castle, you run across a crumbling bridge. Fishmen jump up, then two kinds of knights - one with axes, the others spinning spears - come after you. At the end, Myotia appears - a big bat that, as you hit it, turns into a mass of smaller bats.

Near the end of the great hall, you jump on stone column tops. Fall, and you fall to an alternate level 4 and can never save Annet and Maria. If you make it, you find a key to save them and face Dyruhan, a headless knight that vibrates the ground with his lance. In The Dungeon (level 4), you'll find platforms moving up and down. As you jump up, check out the right side. See the door? This is Maria's jail. Unlock it! When you get through the jumping Igors at the top, there'll be a door on the upper right. This takes you to the alternate level 5. (If you didn't rescue Maria, you can't unlock the door.) Forego the door? You face Minotaurusu, the minotaur. (Level 4 is a piece of cake. Skeletons, bats, and mudmen are all easily killed. But you face one red skeleton who's pretty hard to kill. At the end, a cloaked sorcerer tries to burn you with its flames, then throws headstones.)

They're lots of Igors and crumbling platforms in the Courtyard (level 5). But they're easy. Wait until the huge knights slash at you with their swords. When they hit, you're literally knocked away. Lypuston, the boss, climbs the walls and dives down toward you. (If you went through the door in The Dungeon, you come to level 5. Blue skulls and fishmen jump up from the water for a bit, then the water starts rising. You must jump up fast. Later, you come to a room with water flowing from the wall. Whip the flow to stop it! Then, you can drop down and to the left. You've saved Annet. Then, go back up and to the right to face the serpent.)
The history of Castlevania: Castlevania: Dracula X
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