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Thursday, November 7, 2013


How it was?

I've finally ripped myself away from this game long enough to write a review on it: This one is great folks. In

this review you may hear me make some references to WipeOutXL: Thats because this game resembles WipeOutXL in more than one respect... similar music, similar graphics, and the first person camera is just as intense.

In fact, this whole game is intense, just about the most intense I've played yet.

Graphics: 9
Well people, first the bad news(which there isnt much of): they don't call it Fog64 for nothing. This game always has a Turok style layer of fog on the horizon: Its a different color for each level and in some cases adds atmosphere to the game. It is also much farther back then it was in Turok, but its still there, and thats why this game's graphics don't get a 10.

Hmm... what to say about the graphics... well, they rule. Ya, thats right, best yet in a Nintendo64 game, no questions asked. They arent quite as sharp as Top Gear Rally's, but there are so many more polygons and they all go by at such high speeds the end result is a much better looking game. Its got a great implementation of transparencies(as all N64 games should), and of course the filtering and perspective correction are all in... this makes for one beautiful game. There were complaints about checkered tracks: Well let me assure you, first of all, that only small parts of each track are checkered, second of all, you handle differently while on them, so they do have a purpose, and third of all, it intensifies the sense of speed. The game is very smooth, much smoother than Top Gear rally when multiple bikes are onscreen.

Sound: 8
Ouch... the sound isn't perfect, in fact 2 major flaws(1 for some of you) are inherent. First of all, the sound effects leave a bit to be desired... not much mind you, just a bit Most likely you will be too into the game to notice. Second of all(and this may be a good thing for some), theres no announcer! While some don't like having an announcer in their games, I enjoy it and not having one is kind of a let down. Oh well.

So the sound effects are good, almost great but not quite, and there are no voices. Now the music, while not being QUITE as good as the professionally licensed techno tracks in WipeOutXL, is still pretty good, especially for a cartridge game: Trancey high speed(just like the game) techno tunes which seem to have defected from Tetrisphere... that isnt to say they arent as good as tetrisphere's, both games have excellent techno, with tetrisphere's just a bit better. Anyway, the music works like a charm and makes up for the lack of an announcer, or (if you hate announcers which some ppl do) is icing on the cake.

GamePlay: 10
Well, where it counts, this game not only has what it takes, but goes the extra mile to be the cream of the crop. This game really plays like a dream. I haven't really played the multiplayer modes yet(no friends home) so I can't really judge that... and no, I havent played with weapons on... the game is simply way too fast and intense even with them off... perhaps I will try it when I get good with them off.

Anyway, this is really something... the grand prix/cup style mode even without weapons leaves WipeOutXL looking like a dull version of tetris! This game is so intense.. even on the first track easy difficulty level, you'll be flying around bumping into other bikers... what a rush! And the tracks only get better, forks in the road, loops, tunnels that you can ride along the ceiling of, loops.... you name it, its here... it even has the arrows that speed you up... as if you werent already going fast enough!

Some may get seasick though, as this game is ridiculously fast and has alot of ups and downs... but I couldn't drop it to a 9 for that when thats how its supposed to be, and its how I like it!

Also, its important to strategy to use nitros in the right places once each lap, and very important to take the right forks in the road depending on your bike.

Speaking of bikes, you have quite a few to choose from and they all handle and accelerate differently... they also have weapon and shield ratings(which I tend to ignore).

Used to machine AI? AI that just seems to 'sit there' going thru the track like a chore? These bikes ride with a vengeance! You won't defeat them easily as they put up a fight.... nothing dull about them... in a slew of easy racers like RIdge Racer where cars are just placemarkers the bikes in this game fight back!

There might be racing games that play better than this one, but I doubt it.

Replay Value: 10
Well, the gameplay gets a 10, and so does the replay value. The meat of any game is its multiplayer mode, and this has 4! I can't really judge the multiplayer suffice to say its a great implementation, and wasnt added as an afterthought(I havent played it that long). Add this to the game's awesome solo play and you have a game you'll be playing, and getting dizzy from, for a loooong time. And youll be doing it with 3 of your buddies. Or enemies, for a real kick :)

Overall: 9
Well, I think we've got a winner here... this is better than any Nintendo64 game and plays better and looks better than anything on Saturn or Playstation. A game this intense and fast and cool, u just can't pass on... I rate it as a 9, a must buy.

Even the lack of an announcer and a layer of fog can't keep this from setting a new standard for futuristic racers to come...on any console. Acclaim has proved that it can not only make a good game, or a good looking game, or both, but a game that LOOKS, FEEL, MOVES, and PLAYS GREAT.
Rated 2.8/5 based on 3 reviews

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