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Thursday, November 7, 2013


How it was?

It's finally arrived. All the press has been going ape; sales have been astronomical in the US. And I'm finally

playing, what some Mags in the UK are calling, "The Finest Videogame of all Time". I'm a sceptical sod, so my first few hours of play are tinged with comparisons to other first person perspective shoot-em-UP's (The term DOOM clone is too dated these days). You could call me a 'veteran' at this type of game. I've spent long days playing Doom and Quake over the IPX network in the office. Which culminated in a 15 hour (no-break) Quake-fest on one memorable day.

Not only this, but having lived in dear old Blighty since the year dot. It was difficult for me to believe that any company could do justice to what is, after-all, a uniquely British institution.

My point is this. I didn't expect Goldeneye to live up to the Hype.

Lets get down to business, what have Rareware given us to feast upon this time?

First up, we are talking the smoothest 3D graphics you've ever seen. The 3D engine has got to be one of the greatest programming feats ever on a home console with limited RAM. If nothing else Goldeneye 007 showcases the raw power of the N64, unlike any other game has done before. Each main character has a texture mapped face from its counterpart in the film, which adds to the already legendary Rare attention to detail. Yes, Robbie Coltrane has never looked so handsome and you get to see the snarling face of Sean Bean as he tries to pump you with lead!

Added to this, all the characters use motion capture, this gives your eyes one of the most believable worlds ever seen in any game ever. As an example, on one of the earlier levels, your mission is to power down the Communications Dish. This snow bound level is awesome, and since you are a secret agent. Stealth is of paramount importance, suitably you are given a silenced PP7 (Walther PPK, to its friends), and a silenced sniper rife, equipped with a whopping great telescopic sight. In order to progress, you'll need to take out the guards that are patrolling the area, without them seeing you. Failure to do so will bring the wrath of the Russian Special Forces on your head! You see a head bobbing up and down in the distance. Totally out of range for an accurate shot with a PP7. Pressing the right hand shoulder button brings up the manual sight, with the rifle it also smoothly zooms onto your unsuspecting victim. Pressing the top 'c' button zooms in even further. You can see the guard walking on his beat; you'd be fooled at this point into believing that you're watching a film, the imagery is that good. You take aim carefully fighting against the simulated sway, and squeeze off a single round, hitting the guard squarely on the side of the head. He slumps to the ground silently. The only sound is of his gun falling to the floor. Now tell me of another game that gives you THAT level of detail!

You may have already noticed, that this is NOT a full on "100 enemies attacking at the same time" kind of game. Tactics and stealth are more important on many levels. However later on, the levels change to be a combination of stealth and full on frag-fest, certainly enough to satisfy any Quake nut.

The music in this game is truly remarkable. Themes change constantly, each level has its own 'themed' version of the music. With 'mad-dash' levels having heart pumping fast paced sequences. To the more 'stealthy' levels with a slower tempo. The SFX are perfect in every sense, the rattling of the Uzi, and the single precision sound of the sniper rifle is excellently executed. The death moans of your victims are suitably 'Bondesque'.

Need I say more? Oh yes. The one player game IS the best first-person perspective shoot-em-up ever created, In my opinion at least. But Goldeneye 007 comes with multiplayer option too! This has got to be one of the strangest 'deathmatches' ever though. On PC Doom, Quake, etc. one of the reasons the multiplayer game was so successful was that you each had your own screen. Obviously the N64 (as yet) has no link-up option. So instead we have the Mario Kart a-like 4 player split screen and two player horizontal half screen.

Strange as it may seem, but I actually find this even more playable than a screen each! Why? Because when you blast the opposition, you don't always know WHO you've just fragged. In Goldeneye, the opposition is there sitting right next you! You hear the screams of contempt as you pump a few more rounds into their character's body to finish them off, and see the frustration on your friend's face as you mark up another kill!

But is there anymore I can say? You better believe it! If you get Goldeneye 007 (and frankly if you don't you have to be insane). You must buy at least one rumble pack. This game uses the rumble pack to the best effect yet. From the slight shudder you get when firing the PP7. To the convulsions of a Madman, when shooting two Uzi's (John Woo Style)! It is by far one of the most awesome experiences you'll ever have had with a home Videogame.

It seems as though Rareware, have not only come of age with the N64. But are making Videogaming something to rant about!


Graphics 9/10
It would have scored 10, if it had not been for the occasional glitch. Most notably the 'soldier embedded in a door' effect.

Sound 9/10
Excellent atmospheric Music, Brilliant SFX

Gameplay 10/10
Truly amazing. Since cheats have to be earned, There are no shortcuts. To get to the Final Showdown with Sean Bean, You'll need lots of practice. Once that's done, There is two more difficulty levels to conquer, including extra mission objectives for each difficulty level up, which gives an even greater challenge.

IQ 9/10
Your going to have to learn how this game plays. So expect long nights and sleepless weekends. In fact take a week off work when you buy this!

Value 10/10
A Huge Challenge, Multiplayer action plus hidden Cheats and Options.

Overall 95%
An absolutely stunning release. A fully realised 3D world, amazing motion capture and gameplay you can fry eggs on. Finally a film license worth buying!
Rated 4.3/5 based on 38 reviews

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