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Thursday, November 7, 2013


How it was?

I have had a Nintendo 64 since it first came out, and I can't remember such a big debate over two games coming out at the same time before. These games obviously are Madden 64, with its Maddenish flavor and game play, and NFL Quarterback Club '98, with its 640x480 Hi-Res graphics and NFL license. So which one to choose. God, did I have a problem with this one. Well let me tell you that NFL Quarterback Club '98 is the way to go. I have played them both.

At first, the controls in this game are VERY challenging and take a lot of practice. Every button is used just throughout most of the game. With the N64's awesome controller, the game so comes easy, but trust me, you will play like crap for the first time. With these controls, you can lob passes, do stiff-arms, hurdles, dives and other awesome moves with the help of motion capturing provided by Adrian Murrell of the New York Jets. With the features and stability of the controls, it is fascinating and breath taking of some of the moves you can pull off on a single down alone. 9/10

We may say this for every game, but these are the best graphics I have ever seen! They are better than Turok's, Goldeneye's, Starfox 64's and every other game on every other console; these graphics are awesome. Of course the 640x480 Hi-Res graphics help out on making the graphics outstanding and raising Acclaim's potential and status for graphics on N64 games. As you probably have heard that these graphics make some slowdown, and it is partially true, but it doesn't affect the game and is nothing to worry about. The attention to detail is also amazing as breathe is noticeable in the cold weather, rain is clear and beautiful, and just plain everything else is awesome to watch that some times you may be thinking you are watching a real game on TV! From the hike to the touchdown, the graphics are a true winner and the best feature of NFL Quarterback Club '98. 9.8/10

Despite all the rumors of Madden 64 having better game play and AI, NFL Quarterback Club '98 is just as good or maybe even better. The AI is very smart and tough on defense and offense. A downside I don't enjoy is the running game as it is slow at times (even with Barry Sanders). Two suggestions to fix this are to create your own running back and make him fast etc. Or, enter this cheat and the "Enter Cheat" menu screen: MCHLJNSN. That enables much faster running. Also: WLTRPYTN. That makes your running back as best as it can be. Back to the game play, the passing is great and will be your option 85% of the time. Receivers may drop the ball a lot too and you can create your own receiver or enter this cheat: STYCKYHNDS. Your receiver is now able to catch just about all passes! Penalties, tons of stats, touchdown celebrations, the rumble pak and injuries all add to the game play making for a realistic, extraordinary experience as you "Feel The Power!" 8.5/10

This is where NFL Quarterback Club '98 stands out high and above any other sports game to date. Listen to these options: You can redo 50 simulations of famous games like the 1991 Super Bowl. You have the ball with a little more than 2 minutes to go. You can now change the history and make the Bills win! Also, you can create your own simulation. Want More? Create players, trade players, make teams, play regular games as famous old teams, do a draft, sign free agents, select different difficulty levels of play, select from 6 different camera angles or even yours, etc. etc! Wow! Even the cheat menu adds replay value. You will be happily overwhelmed by the option menus as there are hundreds of different ways to play. Last, Brett Favre made plays for the game and there are tons of plays to choose from and their professionalism and realism add to the replay value for more fun once you beat the game. I just wish you could put a player through training camp to base his skills. I liked that in the Madden games, but this isn't a big deal worth thinking about. 9.6/10

Whoops! I think Acclaim messed up here cause the sound is not good at all. The opening to the game is ok. But Marv Albert is pathetic! " A crushing tackle" will be heard so many times, you will eliminate the cross- dressing announcer (which is possible). He says numbers instead of names and he is off on plays. Put it this way: the announcing is one of the worst ever! But, sound to me in a football game doesn't mean jack except for the sound effects which are awesome. The grunts and groans and hits and tackles are very well sounded and deserve positive credit. I think Acclaim needs better overall sound, but their sound effects have always been good for me. 7.5/10

Well, I hope this review helped you decide whether to but this game or not. I have described just about everything in the game. Remember that the controller pak is used and uses a whole regular controller pak! I recommend now getting the 4x controller paks. The NFL License, Hi-Res graphics, details and controls can't be beat and this is better than my past favorite football game (Tecmo Super Bowl for the SNES). If you need more cheats take these here are some:

(Note: These are cheats known as of when this review has been written. More codes will probably be available so check out your favorite N64 code site). STHTXTM - Get the hidden teams GLYTHMD - Players are bigger RNLDSWZNGR - Running backs are slow but VERY hard to tackle DWNDRV - Unlimited downs

Well the overall score is 9.5/10 -- Simply get this game.
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