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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The history of Castlevania: Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse

Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse

Akumajo Denetsu in Japan
Released: 1990
Systems: Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)

In Dracula's Curse, we meet Trevor C. Belmont, a forefather from 100 years before Simon Belmont. Trevor is the "origin of the 'Belmont Warlord Chromosomes.'" (Interestingly, Castlevania: Bloodlines, a later game, notes that the Belmonts started cracking the whip in the 16th century. This would put Trevor and his chromosomes somewhere in the 1500s.)

Trevor is important (beside the fact that he was a decent Drac-whipper) because, during his crusade, he could transform himself into one of several spirit-friends: Grant DaNasty, a "ferocious, ghost pirate;" Alucard, Drac's forgotten son (and star of later title "Symphony of The Night"); and Sypha Belnades, a "mystic warlord." (Wait! Castlevania: Legends for the Game Boy says another Belmont either came before or around Trevor. Hmmm...)

Trevor also originated Simon's fashion fetish for brown clothes. Trevor was an original, though; in the opening and ending scenes, Trevor's in a brown cape. Capes had become fashion suicide in Simon's day.

Dracula's Curse is a spider web, or, to be kinder, a choose-your-own-path game. Whole stages and mini-stages split off as you went along. Here are the stages in sequence, more or less. Wanna have fun? Read this over and choose different paths.

Warakiya Village - Mostly skeletons come at you here. An impressive looking, but incredibly weak Skull Knight waits at the end. (All players enter here and exit through either the Clock Tower and the Mad Forest.)

Clock Tower of Untimely Death -You jump on pendulums and spinning gears. At the top, the spirit of Grant Da Nasty attacks you. Kill him, and he becomes your ally. In other words, you can assume his form. Then it's back down to the bottom. (Entrance: Warakiya Village. Exits: to the middle of The Mad Forest.)

The Mad Forest - You wake the owls in the trees. This makes them angry, and they swoop at you. (They're big, but hard to kill.) At the end, a cyclops holds Sypha Belnades captive. Defeat it, and you can become Sypha. (Entrance: Warakiya Village, The Clock Tower. Exits: [on a path before cyclops] The Marsh, The Haunted Ship.)

The Haunted Ship of Fools -You jump onto moving platforms and across sails all the way to the end where you get to kill three bosses - a couple of mummies and another cyclops. (Entrance: The Mad Forest. Exit: Curse Castle.)

The Murky Marsh of Morbid Morons -You travel through a cavern. Mudmen - sort of like the ones you find in Super Castlevania IV - trudge at you, while large frogs leap in your face. At the end, a duplicating, multiplying bat tries to kill you. (Entrance: The Marsh. Exit: Alucard's Cave)
The history of Castlevania: Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse
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