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Wednesday, November 6, 2013


How it was in 1996?

When this game first came out in the stores, I really had no idea what it was. So I did a little research....umm, a platform game huh? Well, I really like platform games (but Crash, well.....fell way short of my expectations), so I decided to give this one a try. I am extremely pleased that I did. The is the most fun I have had with a platform game in a LONG time! What about the typical frustrations that accompany all platform games? Well, this one has it; however, not at the same level as Crash or Rayman. The frustration factor is actually fun and will not make you throw your control pad (or PSX) such as the previous games that I mentioned. Anyway, here is my breakdown of Pandemonium!

Graphics: 9.5/10
WOW! That was my first reaction when I first started playing this gem of a game. Some may have complained that the graphics are not as good or crisp as Crash’s. I have no idea what they are talking about because, if anything, I believe them to be a bit better. It is basically a 2-D platformer in a 3-D environment. Your player is on very restrictive tracks but you actually do not mind at all!! The variety of the different levels removes any hint of repetitiveness. The levels are bizarre, original, and so different from each other. The length of each level (18 in total) is about 2-3 of Crash’s put together. Occasionally, I’m caught looking at the environment...amazed, completely unaware of what I am doing....oops...I fell off the ledge....oh well. There is also some interactivity with the backgrounds (not much, but some). Some of the levels are simply amazing. The light sourcing is incredible...and the colors......wow....color everywhere!! The graphics are simply wonderful!

Sound: 8.5/10
The sound is typical of platform games. There are sounds for jumping and firing your weapon that you acquire at certain points in the game. They seemed quite good. The one several great sounds that Pandemonium did have were the ramblings of the enemies. They are quite amusing. I found myself laughing quite a bit when I came across my first enemy. It reminds me of the ever popular voice characterization in the Bugs Bunny cartoons..."Duh...which way did he go...which way did he go."

Music: 9/10
At first, I was a bit disappointed in the music; however, it grew on me VERY fast. The latter levels have really excellent music which added to the atmosphere and the pace of the level that you were playing. I still go back to certain levels to replay them....mostly for the music. Its great!!

Gameplay: 9/10
As with all platform games, the gameplay is where it counts. Believe me, the gameplay is all there. The control layout is very simple and you can pretty much just pick it up and play. You basically run , jump and shoot which are all quite responsive to your button-smashing. In addition, each of the characters that you can play has a different ability. Fargus, the jester, has a great tumble move that destroys most enemies. Nikki, the wizard wanna-be, has a double jump ability which is great for getting to hard-to-get places. Also, the way this game is set up, it lets you perfect the controls in the first few levels. Those levels are not too hard at all, but get progressively more difficult as you proceed. Fortunately, they do not get frustratingly difficult (a BIG plus for me).

Replay Value: 7/10
To me, the longevity of this game is rather good. Despite the 18 levels, there are tons of secret paths and different ways to approach the final gate of each level. Also, the ability to play 2 characters at any time adds to the replay of the game as well. Also, wanting to get every coin in each level (allowing you to go to a "full tilt" bonus level) adds to the several replays of the game.

Overall: 8.6/10
Despite the replay value which some may dispute I would definitely recommend giving this game a try! For the die-hard gamers who can finish games like Kain in 2-3 days....just rent this one. However, being an average gamer myself, I completed it in about one week (playing about 2 hours a day). Even though I could have taken it back, I refused. To me the game warrants another run through (maybe 3 or 4). This is by far the best platform game for the PSX. So, if you like platform games, or just want a change from all the racing and fighting clones out there.

Rated 4.4/5 based on 43 reviews

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