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Monday, December 9, 2013

Metal Gear Solid

Metal Gear Solid

Metal Gear Solid, the fifth game of its series. Many gamers regarded Metal Gear for NESwas one of best game in the 8-bit age. But Metal Gear was only a part of Hideo Kojima’s vision. He wanted the game to be the best action game of all time. Now with the technology to do that, Metal Gear Solid was born. MGS is the culmination of eleven years of conceptual development and three years of intensive programming. With actions that does not stop, endless adventure, and a dramatic storyline you barely find in video game. You are a lone soldier, who was called in since its last battle. Now Fox Hound, a high-tech special ops group, need your help to seize a nuclear weapons storage facility. Not only that, but you also need to find out about Metal Gear Rex. You will meet different NPCs in the game, some are good, some bad, and one is ugly.

When was the last time you saw graphics as good as Metal Gear Solid? With texture mapped polygon structures, mirror reflection, translucent effect, and many other special effects, MGS pushes Playstation to the limit. Real time 3D graphics allow you to become completely immersed in the action like never before. All these also affect the gameplay too. For example, if you hide behind a glass window, an enemy walks by and sees your back on the window, he knows something is there and he will come get you. Also, if you walk on snow, you will leave footprints on the land and sometimes guards will notice the footprint and follow it. But that will be explained more in the gameplay section. Another thing about Metal Gear Solid’s graphic is the scale size. The scale size is very accurate to real life. Bottom line, with real time lighting, texture mapped polygon structures, no other game has been better than Metal Gear Solid in graphic wise.

Metal Gear Solid has set a new standard in action/adventure gameplay of all consolesystems. Like the original for NES, an overhead camera view to bring out the 3D landscape of its environment. But this time, since it is in 3D, Hideo Kojima let player to look from Snake’ eye point of view, first person perspective. This way, you may see something that you did not see in overhead view. But Metal Gear Solid isn’t just eyecandy; it has plenty of actions in it too. More than dozen of weapons and tools you will be finding in the game and all of them will be used too. With real time lighting, where you stand (in the shadow) may determine if the enemy will see you or not. Also, watch out for camera’ sensor range, even an inch of you was spotted by the camera, guards will come after you from everywhere. There’s also laser triggers, so put on your thermal goggles and avoid any laser in the way. Snake also has to face from tank to helicopter. One fun thing is that Snake can hide in a box and move around when the enemy is not watching. But sometimes you get too close, the guard might get suspicious and flip the box over. From hand to hand combat to Sniper gun, so much action in a game. Did Imention is analog capable? You don’t just play it, you can feel it too.

Alas, better than CD quality music, surround sound effect, and realistic sound to make this action game more realistic than ever. With music that set the mood of the game more dramatic or action, you would die for just to get the music CD (I know I would and I got mine already (!) The surround sound helps you determine whether the enemy is close to you or is it on your left side or right side. Realistic sound, for example, if you step on apuddle of water and guard is near it, he will hear you step on the puddle of water and willcome after you. Another one is when you knock on the wall, different material make different sound. This also helps that you might hear the wall is hollow or not. The voiceacting in the animated sequences are very good.

Overall, after a long time of development, script writing, AI configuring, and the final product turned out to be landmark of gaming industry. Metal Gear Solid, the fifth game ofits series, yet is another big hit. One more hit from Konami.
Metal Gear Solid
Rated 4.8/5 based on 112 reviews

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