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Thursday, December 5, 2013



Are you one of the Mario 64 jealous Playstation owners or just someone who is in the mood for a great
adventure? If so, all I can say is Croc is the game for you. You control the main character, CROC, through four massive levels with six islands in each level. There are eight secret levels throughout these islands each containing a jigsaw piece. Collect all eight jigsaw pieces, and Croc will reveal a big surprise.

The main elements of the game are similar to Mario 64 and Tomb Raider. It contains the graphics, movement, and sound of Mario and the view, control, and some moves of Tomb Raider. Both those games were and still are big hits so that should give you an idea of just how great the game is.

Croc's storyline is a big part and follows you around throughout the whole game in FMVs and what you are trying to accomplish. Croc was basically ditched by his family and raised by little furballs known as Gobbos. You lived with them all your life in peace and harmony, for there is no hatred in Gobbo Island. Then, one day, the island was raided by thousands of Dantinis, and wherever you found Dantinis, Baron Dante could not be far behind. Baron Dante was king of the villains and was stronger than a thousand Dantinis. He had a long-established hatred for all things Gobbo. He grabbed up all the Gobbos scattering them around four islands. Before he could capture Rufus (king of the Gobbos), Rufus sent Croc far away where he would be safe. As soon as Croc went away, Rufus was captured. Croc decides to go and help the little furballs, and that brings you to your mission.

The graphics in Croc are among the best you will see on the Playstation. They are so good you will mistake them for a 64 bit system. That is one of the reasons Mario lovers will want to pick up this title. It has nice detail in the background and on every character. Lava even spits up chunks of lava and rock to make it look lifelike.

Sound is right in the middle. It is basically based upon three songs. They change when you go outside or inside a cave. Croc makes sounds very similar to Mario, too, except he speaks in the Gobbo language. Gameplay is smooth and not choppy. Croc is confusing to control at first, but once you get the hang of it, it will become one of the easiest games to control.

Croc is very fun. When I first got it I wanted to keep playing and playing, but I didn't want to beat it too soon. It is one of those games that isn't too hard so you don't get aggravated and bash in your system. Replay value is probably the highest feature in Croc. Due to the fact that the levels are in 360 degree movement and contain secret levels to find, it's exciting for months and months to come.
Rated 4.4/5 based on 34 reviews

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