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Friday, December 6, 2013

Dino Crisis

Dino Crisis

If you think that Dino Crisis is just a Resident Evil clone with dinosaurs replacing zombies, you are off the
mark completely! Dino Crisis takes Resident Evil and molds it into something better than one would expect!
You play the role of Regina, a special ops agent sent to Ibis Island to apprehend Dr. Edward Kirk. Supposedly, the doc has been doing some strange experiments here. That's when you get into trouble. You find dead workers, and then you are attacked by a raptor. Of course no one will believe you.

The game's graphics are like Resident Evil's, only better! There is a camera that moves as you go, instead of always fixed views. Of course the view will change at times, but the camera usually always moves. The camera also rotates during a dialogue scene to show who is talking. To add to that, all the objects and backgrounds are rendered real-time, meaning that when a T-Rex breaks through a window, smashing a table, you actually see it break! Also when you're losing health because you're bleeding, you don't just get a message that leaves you imagining the bleeding. You actually see your character bleed. She leaves a trail of blood, which the dinosaurs can follow.

The sounds are full of creepy music and well done sound effects. Things like footsteps, dinosaurs making noise, and Regina (your character) groaning in pain. Even the dialogue is well written, with almost no laughable parts, but with some good one liners during the chats.

Controls, even for a newbie, should be a breeze. You have your aim button, run, interact, inventory, pause, and even the ability to turn 180! A very useful button! In addition, you can walk with your weapon drawn. Very good, Capcom!

These dinos are nothing like zombies, I'll tell you that! They'll sleep, eat, stalk you, knock your weapon from your hand, even chase you from room to room, meaning that outrunning them may not always be the answer!

Sometimes you may find yourself in a 'DANGER!' situation. In this case, to avoid dying a sudden death, you must tap the action (and all the others if you want) repeatedly to avoid dying. Kind of like shaking off a zombie, except it's life or death here.

No more ink ribbons. You find save rooms here and there. When you leave you get to save. It keeps track of your continues and time taken, among other things.

About continues, they allow you to continue play from the room that you died in. However, you only have five of them, and the number left is always saved. I prefer not to use continues.

There are many different items, like healing, anesthetic, and other items which can be combined to make various different healing items and weapons. For instance, a tranquilizer dart may put a dinosaur to sleep. Or, mixing various first aid kits may make one that will restore more health. You may even create a Resuscitation, which is, essentially, an extra life. Unlike continues, you can find more of these lying around.

I could go on for hours and hours about this game, but I'm running out of space. So put off the thought that it's a survival horror cash-in and play..no..BUY IT ALREADY! Before we become extinct too!

Dino Crisis
Rated 4.8/5 based on 58 reviews

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