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Friday, January 31, 2014

Legacy Of Kain: Soul Reaver

Legacy Of Kain: Soul Reaver

I always loved Horror games like Resident Evil and Silent Hill, although those horror games are different then this one. Those games involved real people with some bizzard situations. This is more of a horror-like Spawn game. Where you play Raziel, Faithful lieutenant to Kain, the Vampire King. After a millennia of servitude and dedication, you have failed your master by your own evolution. Because of your magnificent sprawling wings, the lord Kain himself has sentenced you to a horrible death; A plunge into the Lake of Lost Souls. Falling into the painful abyss after what seems like forever, your descent has finally ceased. Trapped in a battered shell of a body and greeted by a mysterious booming voice, your purpose becomes clear... End the madness that has attached itself like a plague to the land of Nosgoth and destroy your former master... destroy Kain.

That is practically the storyline of this game, although it seems like it's confusing and hard to understand, it's really not. Your objective is just to go around, destroy stuff and eat their souls. Sounds like fun right? Yeah, I guess you could say that.

I mean Soul Reaver is really eye candy and the Sega Dreamcast is the perfect console to produce this game. The movements of Raziel are so natural, it's down right scary. The enviroments are dark and gray, and then light up to a magnificent glow of realism that is just unreal. I have no compliants about the graphics, they are some of the best graphics to be produced by the Dreamcast so far.

Now one of the problems I did have is with the movement of the game. By movement I mean the way the storyline flows and keeps you into the action. I had a problem of all the contestant stops in the action to heard this guy (I forget who he is) talk to you and tell you what to do, or tell you about your upcoming enemies, and it seems like every 10 steps he talks again and their is another cut scene. Now I'm starting to be like Dlac and now I want ongoing action and I want to go slaughter some monsters and eat some souls gosh darnit! I don't want to be interrupted by this weird moron who keeps talking to me all the time. It's kind of like that annoying guy you know that won't shut up and let you do something, you just kinda want to say, alright, let me try it now without yelling everything in my ear. Just let me play!

One other problem I had was the lack of souls to devour. Some of the levels I was at did not have many enemies to fight, and you had that all mighty voice talking to you alot. Sure, some of enemies increase on the more level you go to, but the first levels seem pretty bare and empty of anyone you really actually fight.

The sound I had no problems with either, the erry sounding music sent a chill down my spine sometimes, but the music wasn't very long, it was very short and repetitive, although it wasn't a problem cause the music in this was suppose to give you an erry feeling, and it succeeded in that catagory.

Overall, I did like Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver, it's a great game to look at, and an "ok" game to play. The sound is there it's just I wish the action was more fast moving, and that their were more characters to fight. I haven't beaten the game yet although at the level I'm at, there aren't many people to battle, I hope that increases. Although if you do like games that have a solid storyline, and some really sweet graphics, I highly suggest Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver.

The Rundown
Graphics      :: 10 ::
Gameplay      :: 7 ::
Sound      :: 8 ::
Fun Factor      :: 8 ::
Overall      :: 8 ::

This was a review of Sega Dreamcast game.

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